What is the NHC?
The NHC is a research based competition and as such it is the quality of the research that is paramount to success in it. Entry to the NHC is free. Register online to receive more information, obligation free.

Who can enter the NHC?
Students from all years up to Year 12 are invited to participate and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of world history by entering at their appropriate age level. Entries are judged at school, state/territory and national levels.

How important is the theme?
The theme is very important and all entries must be centred around it. Students can, with guidance, apply the theme to a variety of contexts within their particular state or territory’s curriculum.

What are the Special Categories?
The Special Categories are sections within the National History Challenge that offer students the opportunity to research particular areas of special interest. They have their own sponsors, criteria and prizes.

Does an entry have to be entered in to a Special Category?
It may be entered into a year level only. However, if relevant to a Special Category ensure that is indicated on the entry form as well as the year level.

Does the NHC mean more work for student and teachers?
Not necessarily; the NHC can be incorporated into main teaching programs. Some teachers and students may choose to participate in the NHC as an extra-curricular activity.

Why should I enter the NHC?
The NHC gives you an opportunity to investigate  your community, explore your own family’s past, as well as to examine major events in Australia and the world’s history. Here is a fun and rewarding way of doing history!

How many entries can be submitted?
A secondary school may submit 6 entries per year level category and a primary school may submit 6 entries in each of the 2 Primary Levels. Where appropriate, each of these entries may also be entered into the Special Categories.