3D Model

A 3D Model is a representation or model based on the theme.

You may use this format in any Year Level and some Special Categories. Please refer to each Special Category.

Your entry must:

  • Be an individual or group entry, (maximum of four in any one group).
  • You may have up to 1,000 words of student composed written material and less than 3 minutes of recorded information if AV devices are built into the model. A hard copy of such material must be submitted with the entry. This limit DOES NOT INCLUDE primary sources on the model.
  • Be less than 1 metre wide, 1 metre deep and 1 metre high when assembled.
  • Be portable, lightweight, demountable and sturdy for transportation interstate if necessary. It MUST be submitted in a package suitable for transport by post or courier.
  • Have an annotated bibliography in years 7-12

Please fill in the online entry form on our website and submit the physical model to the state coordinator. Entrants should liaise with their state coordinator to further clarify submission.