Museum Exhibit

Museum Exhibit

In 2018 the criteria for the Museum Exhibit Category has been expanded. Students will be able to use their digital technology skills to enhance the learning experience of their entry.

There will be two (2) paths of submission: A Physical Museum Exhibit or A Virtual Museum Exhibit.

The Physical Museum Exhibit is a three-dimensional presentation linking the student’s topic to the theme given visual aids, sources and written explanation.

A Virtual Museum Exhibit is a digital creation based on the characteristics of a museum to draw together an interrogation of the theme and the student’s topic through the careful selection of source material and written explanation. A virtual display can be created by students through the use of SketchUp (, or through the use of 3D modelling software such as Unity or Maya.

Criteria for Physical Museum Exhibits

  • No larger than 1metre by 1metre
  • The display must be able to fold down, and be easily transportable
  • Students should include instructions and images to demonstrate how the model should be set up
  • The materials used to build the display must be strong and hard wearing to prevent possible damage during transportation – this could jeopardise the integrity and judging standard of the model

Criteria for both Physical and Virtual Exhibits

  • Every exhibit needs to be built around display components or ‘elements’. For example:
  •  Objects
  •  Diary entries
  • Photographs
  • Artwork
  • Literature
  • Speeches
  • Audio Visual material
  •  Maps
  •  Timelines
  •  Each element should represent one part of the narrative
  • There should be between 3 (minimum) and 10 (maximum) elements in a museum exhibit
  • Every element requires a caption detailing the publishing details (tittle, date, author) of the source at minimum
  • There should then be between 3 and 5 extended labels ( Please refer to our guidelines for preparing a museum display labels here) in total with an approximate total word count of 800 words. No one label should exceed 250 words.
  • The museum exhibit should feature an Opening Panel Essay of no more than 200 words
  • This should feature the title of the piece of work, followed by content and context, exhibiting a clear relationship with the theme
  •  Every display should be accompanied by a fully referenced bibliography.

Additional Comments

  •  The level of ‘polish’ on the model is essential to ultimate success (on a national level)
  •  Labels need to stick to the strict word-counts given
  •  Museum displays need to demonstrate a diversity of source materials (through student’s choice of ‘elements’)
  •  The digital aspect should extend the learning process rather than replace it: the objects should still be the centre point of the entry



The physical display should be submitted to the state coordinator. Entrants should liaise with their state coordinator to further clarify submission.


The virtual exhibit should be submitted in a relevant, appropriate fashion: web link, downloadable video via USB, and so on. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure this functions.