Australia-Asia Relations

Content: Australia and Asia

Format: Any Format

Other Special Requirements: The submission has to focus on the historical relationship between Asia and Australia.

The Asia Education Foundation is proud to sponsor this special category in which students are encouraged to explore the development of Australia’s growing relations with the Asia.

Investigate how People and Power have shaped relationships between Australia and Asia.

Possible research questions:

  • How have people used power to change or develop relationships?
  • What actions have led to successful relationships between Australia and Asia? Why have others been unsuccessful?

Possible people to research:

You could research historical or contemporary advocates of forming Asia Australia relations, such as Gough Whitlam, Eddie Woo, John So, Penny Wong, Jenny McGregor, Anh Do, Lee Lin Chin
Or you could look at the work of those involved in:

  • Political systems, governments and organisations
  • Cultural, social and not-for-profit organisations.
  • Grass roots movements.

Possible forms of power for research:

  • Both hard and soft: education, economic, diplomatic, cultural, political or military power.

The winning submission will be published on the Asia Education Foundation website.

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