Australia’s Heritage

Leadership and Legacy of Australia’s Heritage

In this category students will consider and explore places, objects, events and/or cultural beliefs that we, as a multi-cultural nation, consider being part of our heritage.

Our heritage can be defined in many ways. But basically heritage refers to places and cultural ideals, which we consider worth saving and passing on to our future generations.  These things may be buildings or places of historical significance and the people and objects associated with them or past events which have shaped us as a nation. Students could research the historical context of places, events and people and what role they have or have not influenced Australia’s heritage.

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About the National Trusts

The National Trusts of Australia are community-based, non-government organisations with branches in all States and Territories. The Trusts are committed to promoting and conserving Australia’s indigenous, natural and historic heritage through advocacy work and custodianship of heritage places and objects.

Our Vision is: A nation celebrating and conserving its cultural, Indigenous and natural heritage for present and future generations.

Our Mission is: Through advocacy, research and promotion support the work of the National Trust movement in conserving Australia’s heritage