Democracy Matters

Content: People and power in democracy

Format: Any format

Other Special Requirements: N/A

At MoAD (Museum of Australian Democracy) we believe everyone has a voice in our democracy.

Throughout history, many different voices have contributed to the development of democracy.

This year students from years F-12 are invited to research and create an entry that considers examples of people and power in democracy.

• Research an individual, group or a community that have changed the course of democracy.
Entries are not limited to Australian figures. They can include local, national and global political leaders, activists, political parties, or governments who have influenced the development of democracy.
• You can enter a creative response for this category, including 3D museum exhibits.
Use or reference of the MoAD collection is encouraged, including the building and its collection, MoAD website and online resources.
• Winning entries will be displayed on the MoAD website or onsite at the museum.

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