History of Sport

People and Power’ in the World of Sport

Content: In this category you need to look at People and Power in respect of a sportsperson, a particular sport, or sport in general. You could look at ancient, medieval or modern examples drawn from anywhere in the world.

Format: Any

Other Special Requirements: N/A

You could consider the role of individual sportspeople, administrators, governments, scientists, and/or new technologies to improve performance and community health.

Some possible areas of research might include:

  • Could victory in sport be used as an instrument of ‘power’?
  • To what lengths will people or governments go in order to win? 
  • How may participation in sport be viewed as a symbol of power?
  • Have some people been able to use success in sport to create ‘power’ outside the sport itself?
  • Can there be a cost: personal, social or political?