Museum Exhibit

Content: Australia only

Format: Physical model with objects and labels or Digital museum exhibit incorporating objects and labels

Other Special Requirements: Click here for other Special Requirements

The National Museum of Australia is proud to award a special prize to the winner of the museum exhibit category.

To start the thinking on this year’s theme of People and Power, we encourage students and teachers to visit our Defining Moments website

Here you can explore a list of 100 Defining Moments that have had a profound impact on the lives of Australian people. Select a moment of interest and consider the way power was used or gained by the people. Students may like to investigate and respond to the Eureka Stockade in 1854 or the 1992 High Court decision in the Mabo v. Queensland (No. 2) case. The choice is yours.

More information and detailed tips on creating a Museum Exhibit are available here (

We will display the winning entry in the Museum over the summer.

Sponsor: National Museum of Australia