People Power

Content: Strong Australian connection

Format: Any format

Other Special Requirements: Portrait or portraits selected from the National Portrait Gallery collection must be discussed in the response.

For your chance to win the People Power category, your entry can be in any format exploring this year’s theme, People and Power.

Explore the lives of people who have instigated change in our society or investigate how powerful change has affected groups of people in Australia. Trawl through the National Portrait Gallery Collection to discover people involved in a story, event, discovery or issue that reflects the theme of People and Power and then find out more about it. Work on your own or in a team to produce a compelling response.

Search the portraits in the collection by profession to discover people of passion and commitment that have worked towards changing society in significant ways.

Portrait Stories are short interviews with subjects and artists from the collection that share significant moments in their lives and ideas that have inspired them.

Another starting point could be Australians of the Year in Awesome Achievers or campaigners in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Activism.

The National Portrait Gallery aims to increase the understanding and appreciation of the Australian people – our identity, history, culture, creativity and diversity – through portraiture.