Australian Women’s History

Content:  Australian woman/women only

Format: All formats

Other Special Requirements : N/A

Women’s history has been made since the distant past, to recent past and is still being made in the present – as historians increasingly recognise the sometimes overlooked, or less recorded roles played by women in society.

Students may choose an individual woman or group of women. The subject/s must be either Australian born, naturalised or identified as Australian. Subject/s must have made a significant historical contribution locally, nationally or internationally. For example, the contribution could have been made within the confines of one’s family history or could have been recognised worldwide.  Subject/s may be living or deceased.

Students need to explain why they think their subject’s contribution is important, basing their opinion on the analysis of evidence found through  their research.   Written material, objects, images, film or sound clips and interview transcripts could all be used to support conclusions.

Students may already know of a woman/women of significance, or can find ideas for the topic in the following:

The Australian Women’s Register (AWAP):

Who’s who of Australian Women: 

It’s an Honour:

  Sponsor Details   National Foundation of Australian Women