How to enter

It is easy to enter the National History Challenge.

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For teachers:

  1. Each school may select up to 6 entries for each year level category, using the National Histoy Challenge Judging Sheet as a guide. Each of the same six entries may also be entered into one special category. Please check that your entries conform to the criteria. 
  1. Collect signed permission forms and send to your state coordinator.
  1. Ensure entries are submitted online by the closing date, 30 August 2019.
  1. Order Certificates of Participation These are for ALL participants, not just those submitted for regional or state judging.

For students:

  1. Think about the theme of People and Power before you choose your topic.
  1. Read the criteria (refer to ) of the competition.
  1. Choose your presentation format (refer to
  1. If selected for submission by your teacher, complete and digitally sign the online entry form. You teacher will also need to digitally sign the entry form. Remember, you may also nominate your entry for one special category.
  1. If selected for submission by your teacher, complete and digitally sign the online entry form. If your entry is unable to be submitted via upload e.g. a physical model or a large video file, detailed instructions will be provided while completing the online entry form. Please read and follow these instructions.
  1. Telephone support for online submission will be available from 19 to 30 August 2018. Questions before that time should be sent to

When can I start?

Entry is not open, please check back later in 2019.


Before submitting your nominated entries please make sure you:

– select a maximum of six (6) entries for each Year Level category for secondary schools or six (6) entries for each primary level.

– have, where applicable, nominated entries for a Special Category award.

enter online before August 31.

Where to send 3D models?

Please visit our contacts page.

What do I do if I have any questions or problems or need more details?

For more contest information please click here. You can also email us at or contact your state coordinator.