May be an individual or group entry (4 people maximum).

A performance is a dramatic response to the theme based on your research and should be an original composition.

Your entry must:

  • Be submitted with a copy of the entry form, completed and signed
  • Be a maximum of 10 minutes in duration.
  • Include a copy of the script (to illustrate historical content).
  • Include a copy of the performance in DVD format.
  • Include a written explanation of no more than 200 words (for Years 5 – 8) or 500 words (for Years 9-12) that describes how you conducted your historical research and developed your entry. You must conclude with an explanation of the relationship of your research to the theme.
  • Include a bibliography (Years 5-8) or annotated bibliography and citations (Years 9-12).

Please note

  • You will be allowed an additional 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to remove equipment, if live performance is required. At judging the group is responsible for providing all materials required.
  • Entries must be entirely student-produced.
  • No person other than the members of the group may be involved in the working of the equipment (such as props or lighting) or any aspect of the presentation.

Only one copy of your research is required for judging at school level. AT STATE AND NATIONAL LEVEL, TWO COPIES OF YOUR ENTRY ARE REQUIRED.