What is the theme for 2012?

The theme for 2012 is “People and Consequences”. All entries must incorporate a response to the theme.

How important is the theme?

The theme is very important and all entries must be centred around it. Students can, with guidance, apply the theme to a variety of contexts within their particular stae or territory’s curriculum.

This theme offers students the opportunity to explore the role of individuas or groupsl in history. This exploration can be approached at a number of levels such as:

  • How the life of a significant person has been linked to significant events in history.
  • How famous individuals have been represented in history.
  • How we judge the achievements of ‘great’ people.
  • To what extent historical events are influenced by individuals.

Previous themes

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  • “Triumph over Adversity”
  • “Australians All”
  • “Turning Points”
  • “Celebrations, Memories & History”