What is the National History Challenge?
The National History Challenge is a research competition and as such it is the quality of the research that is paramount to success in the Challenge. It is free to enter the competition. Register online to receive more information, obligation free.

How important is the Theme?
The theme is very important as it is around the theme that all entries must be centred. Students can, with guidance, apply the theme to a variety of contexts within their particular curriculum.

What are the special categories?
The Special Categories are sections within the National History Challenge that offer students the opportunity to research particular areas of special interest.

Does the National History Challenge mean more work for students and teachers?
No, the Challenge can be incorporated into the main teaching program. Of course, there are those who will choose to participate in the Challenge as an extra-curricular activity.

Why should I enter the National History Challenge ?
The National History Challenge gives students an opportunity to investigate their community, explore their own and their family’s past, explore major events in world history. All students are rewarded with a Certificate of Participation. National winners get to travel to Canberra to accept their prize in Parliament House.

How many entries can I submit?
You may submit 6 entries selected for each year level category per school.