The list of works used in conducting research is arranged alphabetically by author’s last name and placed at the end of the entry.

Note that year levels 7-12 must provide an annotated bibliography, where brief comments are made about the usefulness of the sources consulted.

Examples of sources listed in a bibliography

Primary Sources: Unpublished

Eadie, Edith, (ed) South Australians in the AANS 1939-1945, Mortlock Library of South Australia

Royal Australian Nursing Federation (SA) Branch, now Australian Nursing Federation, Minutes of Council Meetings, 1956-1980

Primary Sources: Published

Nurses Registration Act 1920, and amendments

Secondary Sources: Books

Pike, Douglas Paradise of Dissent, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1957

Secondary Sources: Journal Articles

Kent, B. ‘Agitations on the Victorian Goldfields, 1851-54’, Historical Studies, Australia and New Zealand, November 1954

This guide presents a simplified approach and does not cover every type of source a student might use in their research. Many schools and university websites have much more detailed style guides dealing with all aspects of referencing and these may be consulted. However, a simple approach is to ensure that references contain enough information for someone else to be able to locate and use the source and that the information is set out clearly and consistently.