Individual Research Essay

This format MUST be an individual (one participant) entry

The essay must be:

  • completed by an individual only.
  • submitted with a copy of the entry form, completed and signed.
  • accompanied by a fifty (50) word descriptor which summarises the essay.


Years Primary to 8
LENGTH eight hundred (800) to one thousand (1000) words (using computer word count), not including the bibliography or fifty (50) word descriptor. A bibliography must be included.

Years 9 to Senior
LENGTH one thousand (1000) to two thoudand five hundred (2500) words (using the computer word count), not including the bibliography orfifty (50) word descriptor. An annotated bibliography and appropriate referencing must be included.

Only one(1) copy of your research is required for judging at school level. AT STATE AND NATIONAL LEVEL, FOUR (4) COPIES OF YOUR ENTRY ARE REQUIRED.

*The total word count includes quotations but not footnotes.