Other formats

These may be an individual or group entry (4 people maximum).

Others formats may include presentations such as:

  • multimedia
  • performance
  • website
  • ANY other form of creative representation

Your entry must be:

  • submitted with a copy of the entry form, completed and signed.
  • submitted with appropriate software to run the presentation.
  • portable, light weight, demountable and sturdy for transport.
  • submitted in a package suitable for transport by post or courier.
  • less than one (1) metre wide, one (1) metre deep and one (1) metre high when assembled.
  • succinct, a maximum of ten (10) minutes will be spent judging the entry and its components.
  • student produced and presented.

You entry must include:

  • a bibliography, annotated in years 9-12.
  • a five hundred (500) word (max) written explanation of how the research was carried out to create and develop the presentation. It must conclude with a strong statement about the relationship of the presentation to the theme.
  • four (4) copies of the entry where possible.