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It is so fun! We’re learning lots and it’s really interesting. – Sarah McFaul, SA

Our first excursion was to the Museum of Australian Democracy. I really enjoyed the focus on what we thought about important democratic issues, like compulsory voting and conscription. Numerous times during the visit we were given the opportunity to discuss our opinions on issues that affect Australia. I thought the mock debate on the issue of conscription in the Vietnam War was the most fun, as everyone became really passionate defending their views. – Alix Biggs, ACT

The National Archives were brilliant; I didn’t realize you could get photos of World War II soldiers; we don’t have any photos of my grandfather when he was young, so it’d be fantastic to find one. Also, the rest of the visit at Old Parliament House was great, visiting the press rooms would have been nice. Alexandra McKinnon, ACT

War Memorial – Shrine of Remembrance

As well as the valuable knowledge gained by visiting the Australian Museum of Democracy, National Archives and War Memorial, I enjoyed meeting the prize winners from different states and get to know their passion for history. I really appreciated the tours and activities we undertook during the past days, which were made possible with the organisation of the coordinators. – Siyu Yang, SA

Being a native Canberra, I’d been to Mount Ainslie before but looking at it from a different perspective was really interesting. – Ellen Trevanion, ACT

Today the lookout over Mount Ainslie was spectacular. My favourite activity of the day was at St. Johns because we all enjoyed going around together and finding the answers to all the questions. – Tom Lambert, QLD

It was my first time at the War Memorial, and it turned out to be an extraordinary experience. The multimedia demonstrations are excellent, but make sure you take the time out to wander around the galleries yourself! And the closing ceremony, whilst short is very moving.? Divyansh Saxena, VIC

This experience has provided a great insight into Australia’s history. The visit to the Museum of Australian Democracy, in particular, has allowed me to truly appreciate Australia’s system of government for allowing all citizens to express their views and influence the decision-making process of the country. – Samantha Tang, NSW

Old Parliament House- Prime Ministers Office

Unexpectedly spotting Princess Mary and Julia Gillard during the closing ceremony was a welcome surprise. I also particularly enjoyed the visit to the National Museum of Australia, particularly because it was the subject of my essay. The Garden of Australian Dreams was a favourite aspect of the museum tour, a very interesting way of representing Australia’s culture. This trip has been a fantastic way to wind down at the end of my Yr12 HSC exams, and has gone by so fast! Thank you especially to the coordinators! – Divyansh Saxena, VIC

Wow. So today was pretty epic. Probably one of the most exciting days of my life. Daniel is now telling me to admit to my bribery of the judges. Good luck with that, Daniel. And it also turns out that just about everyone knew about me being Young Historian before I did. The Minister for Veterans Affairs was nice, as was everyone else. I’m just really sad that today is the last time I get to see all my new history besties. Or as Daniel puts it, “fellow nerds”. Everyone has been so brilliant, and I really hope we all make it back again next year. – Alix Biggs, ACT

It is all over too soon! This trip has been a great taste of some of the most fascinating places Canberra has to offer. It’s really reinforced my love for history and my conviction that it’s one of the most important disciplines you can learn about. The trip was made even better by the wonderful people I have met! – Lucy Sharpe, WA

Ellen Trevanion- 2011 National Young Historian

The past three days have been so much fun! I have met some fantastic and enthusiastic young people from around Australia, and this experience is something I am going to take with me forever. The places we’ve been to are so symbolic of recording Australia’s history and whilst we are about to visit the National Museum of Australia, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the War Memorial yesterday, in particular seeing the roll of Honour and the aircraft exhibits. I am looking forward to next year’s competition. – Juliet Morelli, SA