Australia-Asia Relations

Format: Any format accepted by the National History Challenge. The winning submission will be published on the Asia Education Foundation website.

Special Requirements: Submissions must relate to events with historical significance to Australia and its relations with the Asia-Pacific region.

The Asia Education Foundation fosters engagement between educators and young people in Australia and the Asia-Pacific. We are proud to sponsor this special category in which students are encouraged to explore the development of Australia’s relations with the Asia-Pacific in line with this year’s theme of “Causes and Consequences”.

The causes and consequences of historical events are not always simple, and, in most cases, they are not reduced to one moment in time. Great events of humanity are often the result of long social processes and often unexpected events. Causes and consequences throughout history can be explored through the deep examination of people, places, and cultures. When it comes to exploring Australian history in combination with the Asia-Pacific region, the intersection of these two provides enormous scope for addressing the Australian Curriculum’s cross-curricular priority of Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia.

How you choose to explore and reflect on and explore this theme is up to you.

You may like to focus on an advocate for Asia Australia relations, such as Anh Do, Lee Lin Chin or Benjamin Law. Consider how they’re leading change and why. What has caused them to advocate for change and what are the consequences?

You may like to link more broadly about the themes by exploring relationships of ‘hard power’ and ‘soft power’, such as education, economic, diplomatic, cultural, political, or military power.

You could focus on First Nations and Asia-Pacific history and research the sea cucumber trade that took place between the people of Makassar and Arnhem Land, as early as 1700.

You might like to explore significant events in entertainment, sport, or the arts, such as Australia hosting and winning the Asia Cup in 2015 or AFL teams Gold Coast Suns and Port Adelaide playing the first AFL game in China at the Jiangwan Stadium in Shanghai.

Whatever you choose to explore consider the theme of ‘causes and consequences’ and events that have shaped Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

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