How much does it cost to enter the National History Challenge?
It is free to enter the National History Challenge. To obtain more information visit www.historychallenge.org.au, obligation free.

What is the National History Challenge?
The National History Challenge is a research competition, and as such it is the quality of the research that is paramount to success in the Challenge.

Who can enter the National History Challenge?
Students from all years up to Year 12 are invited to participate and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of world history by entering at their appropriate age level. Entries are judged at school, State/Territory and National levels.

How important is the Theme?
The theme is very important. All entries must discuss the theme. However, the theme is often conceptual rather than contextual. Therefore, students can, with guidance, apply the theme to a variety of contexts within their particular curriculum.

What are the special categories?
The Special Categories are sections within the National History Challenge that offer students the opportunity to research particular areas of special interest. These Categories have their own sponsors, criteria and prizes.

Does an entry have to be entered in to a Special Category?
No, it may be entered into a year level only. However, if relevant to a Special Category, ensure that is indicated on the entry form along with the year level. The entry will then be judged in both its year level and special category.

Does the National History Challenge mean more work for students and teachers?
Not necessarily, the Challenge can be incorporated into the main teaching program. Of course, there are those who will choose to participate in the Challenge as an extra-curricular activity.

Why should I enter the National History Challenge?
The National History Challenge gives students an opportunity to investigate their community, their own and their family’s past and explore major events in Australia and the world.

How many entries can be submitted?
A school may submit 6 entries per year level category. Where appropriate, each of these entries may also be entered into the Special Categories.

Do I have to submit entries to order certificates?
No, all students who participate are eligible for a Certificate whether their entry is submitted for judging or not. The number of certificates ordered tells us how many students participated and assists us in planning future competitions.

Do I have to order Bronze Certificates?
No, you only have to order Green Certificates, which recognise participation. We will send you Bronze Certificates, once the entry submissions are closed.

Do I still need 4 copies of entry form if I enter online?
No, not if you enter online.

My file is bigger than 5MB, how do I submit it?
Files bigger than 5MB cannot be submitted online, pleases refer to 3D model guidelines.

Can I still enter manually?
Entries are now submitted online, if you are unable to do this, please let us know.

How are winners selected?
Using the Judging Sheet, your school submits the 6 best entries from each Year Level Category to the Regional/State judging. Three entries are selected from each Year Level and Special Category in each state and are submitted to National Judging where state and national winners are decided.

When are the winners notified?
Emails will be sent to the State Winners’ schools by the end of October. National Winners will be notified by letter in November.

Do I have to submit my entry via school?
Yes, it is a school competition.

Can a previous winner win again?
Yes, all entries are judged on their merits. There have been several occasions when previous winners have repeated their success.

What do I do if I have any questions or problems or need more details?
Full details of criteria and rules are on our website at www.historychallenge.org.au. You can also email us at admin@historychallenge.org.au or contact your State Coordinator.